ST. ANTHONYs COLLEGE (1953)       C-1959
St Anthony                                        Patron
Shillong Archdiocese

St Anthony’s College
Shillong – 793 001
(0364) 2223558 / 2222558 / 2220851
(0364) 2229558
94361 10437                                      Fr. Ioannis War
94363 37168                                      Fr. Joby Joseph
                                                             Fr. Saji Stephen                 Principal

Fr. Manjakattil Joby Joseph            VP, HOD Comp. Sc., Cs
Fr. Palamattathil George2                VR & VP, Dir.-Siloam
Fr. Parappilly Saji Stephen1             Rector, Prof., Warden
Fr. War Ioannis Eugene              Principal
Stephen Hall
Shillong – 793 003, Meghalaya
(0364) 2224529
94361 10439                                      Fr. Saji Stephen
Umsawkwan, Umsaw P.O. – 793 123
Ri Bhoi Dist.
94361 09171                                      Office
94361 10438                                      Fr. G. Palamattam
94361 09170                                      Fr. M. Payappilly                      Fr. G. Palamattam

The college was started in 1934 at the initiative of Fr. Bacchiarello, and has the distinction of being the first university college in the Salesian world. It was successively affiliated to the Calcutta, Guwahati and North–Eastern Hill Universities. The college also runs a hostel for 160 inmates.
Fr. Joseph Arokiasamy replaced him in 1958. The college was shifted to its present premises by Fr. Joseph Arokiasamy, principal from.
In 1940, Fr. Noel Kenny joined the college as an English Professor.  He was later to be the Warden of the hostel and vice principal of the college. In 1943 and in 1959, he was given the additional charge of looking after the school.

Starting as an intermediate college in 1934, the college has grown to its present status of a well known and recognized institute in the country and has today 114 teaching staff, 33 non-teaching staff and about 2,500 students on its rolls. It has 22 departments up to the Honours level under 3 streams of study: Arts, Science and Commerce. The college also runs a post–graduate course in computer applications.